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Public name Lookup ID
54th Avenue Capital Corporation Annual Bursary 54AVECAPITA
A. E. Housman & Moses Jackson Unrequited Love Award Endowment HOUSMJAWEND
A. John Ellis Graduate Endowment 0JOHNELLIBU
Aayat Bursary in Applied Sciences AAYATBURAS
Accenture Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ACCENTURE
Access Copyright Graduate Award in Publishing Studies Endowment 0CANCENDOFU
Active Health and Recreation Fund AHEALTHREC
Adaline May Clark Bursary Endowment Fund 0ADALMAYCLA
Adaptation to Climate Change Initiative (Real Estate Foundation of BC) ACCIREALEST
Adrian Lavigne Memorial Softball Endowment ADIRANLAVIG
Advanced Syntech Corporation Post-Doctoral Fellowship ADVANCEDSYN
Aiden Serr Memorial Award Endowment AIDENSERRFUND
Aird Dundas Flavelle Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 2AIRDDUNDFL
Al Eisenring Memorial Gerontology Award Endowment 0ALEISEMEME
Alan and Margaret Eyre Bursary Endowment Fund AMEYREFOUND
Alan Boden Memorial Bursary ALANBODEN
Alan David Aberbach History Scholarship Endowment Fund ABERBACHHIS
Alan Peter Kohut P. Eng. Graduate Scholarship in Hydrogeology ALANHYDRO
Alberta Alumni Quinquagenary Award Endowment ALBERTAALUM
Albright Visiting Scholar and Lecture Series Endowment ALBRIGENDW
Alderson Interarts Award in the School for the Contemporary Arts Endowment ALDERSONARTS
Alex W. Fisher Bursary Endowment 0ALEXFISHER
Alexia Sepideh Kiaii Memorial Endowment ALEXIAKIAII
Alexis Unrau Memorial Graduate Award in Law and Forensic Psychology ALEUNRMEMFUN
Alfred William Davidson Endowment 0ALFWILDAVE
Alix Vikki Patterson Endowment AVPATTERSON
Allan and Margrit Maynard PDP Annual Bursary MAYNARDPDP
Allison McNeill Endowment in Women's Basketball IMCNEILLALL
Alspach/Heinrich Bursary Endowment Fund 0ALSPHEINEN
Alumni Association of the University of Hong Kong, BC Award Endowment Fund 0HONGKONGUN
Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leadership Award 0ALUASSOUTS
Alumni Library Endowment 2ALUMLIBREN
Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Endowment 2SFUALUMBUR
Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund for Students in Kinesiology 2KINESIOLOG
Alysha Roussel & Fred Voight Memorial Endowment AROUSSFVOIG
Alyssa Jordan Undergraduate Award Endowment AJORDANEND
Amrik S. Pooni and Family Bursary APOONIFAMIL
Anand Kirtan Sabha Fund 0ANANKIRTSA
Ancie & Arthur Fouks Bursary Endowment in Publishing Studies 0FOUKSPUBLI
André Gerolymatos Graduate Endowment in Environmental Security AGEROAWARD
Andrew Petter and Maureen Maloney Award in Women’s Soccer Endowment APMMWSOC
Andrew Petter and Maureen Maloney Excellence Award Endowment for Varsity Women Athletes APMMATHLETE
Andrew Petter and Maureen Maloney Undergraduate Bursary for Indigenous Students ANDREWPETTE
Andrew Petter Graduate Scholarship in Public Policy APETPUBPOL
Andrew Wade Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund ANDREWWADE
Anfield Collection Endowment Fund ANFIELDEND
Ann and William Messenger Endowment (Graduate Scholarship - English) MESSGRADACT
Ann and William Messenger Undergraduate Endowment in English MESSUGRADEN
Ann and William Messenger Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment in English MESSGRADEND
Ann Messenger Scholarship  Endowment Fund (Aphra Behn) 0APHRBEHNGR
Anne and Tony Giardini Endowment supporting the Anne and Tony Giardini Undergraduate Bursary GIARDINIEND
Anne Giardini Endowment ANNEGIAEND
Anne J. Chalmers Bursary for Business Students ANEJCHBBNS
Anne Peters Pinto Endowment 0ANNEPETEPI
Anthony Beyrouti Scholarship Endowment for Women's Basketball ABEYROUTIEND
Aon R. Bruce Coles Memorial Scholarship Endowment 0RBRUCCOLES
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. Athletic Award Endowment Fund 1REEDSTEN
April Allen Memorial Endowment APRILALLEN
Arlene James Bursary in the Contemporary Arts AJAMESCONTARTS
Arlene James Bursary in the Contemporary Arts Endowment ARJBTCOARE
Arlene James Entrepreneurship Award in the Beedie School of Business AJAMESBEEDIE
Arthur and Ancie Fouks Graduate Awards Endowment 0FOUKGRADAW
Asian Rangers Award Endowment ASIANRANGER
Asper Graduate Fellowship in Communications Endowment 0CANWESTGRA
Atkins / Douglas Endowment 0ATKIDOUGEN
Avalanche Research Fund AVALANCHE
Aziz and Parin Dossa Graduate Community Outreach Award Endowment PDOSSAGRAD
B & B Sivertz Bursary Endowment Fund 0BBSIVEBURS
B.C. Bond Dealers Association Busary Endowment Fund 0BRITCOLUBO
B.P. Beirne Prize in Pest Management Endowment 0BPBEIRNEMP
Bacchi Kunwari Memorial Scholarship for Women in STEM BKMSWST
Backwater Industries/Eduard Jost Sr. & Jr. Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0BACKWATEIN
Bank of Montreal Lecture Series Endowment 0BANKMONTLE
Bank of Montreal Undergraduate Scholarship in Business Administration 0BANKMONTUN
Barb “Robbie” Robertson Memorial Women’s Basketball Award BROBERTSONBA
Barb Hart Harris Bursary Endowment BARBHARRIS
Barbara (Jones) Friesen Endowment for Swimming FRIESENSWIM
Barbara and James Bennet Scholars Endowment Fund KITOSBENNET
Barbara Cooper Graduate Bursary in Education Endowment BCOOPERGRAD
Barbara Ferrier Graduate Chemistry Research Award Endowment FERRIERCHEM
Barbara Guttmann-Gee Lectureship Endowment 2BARBGUTTLE
Barbara Hart Harris Women's Basketball Award Endowment Fund BHWMBBAWARD
Barbara J. Towriss Award in Women's Basketball Endowment 1BARBTOWRSC
Barbara Joy Rogers Bursary Endowment BROGERSEND
Barbara Rae and George Suart Athletic Award in Women’s Basketball Endowment 2BARBRAEGEO
Barrie and Diana Carol Martin Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship in Business Administration Endowment BMENDBEEDIE
Barry Clark Memorial Endowment 2BARRCLARME
Barry Macdonald Award for Global Mobility Endowment BMACGLOMOB
Barry Macdonald Award in Accounting Endowment BMACACCOUNT
Barry Macdonald Bursary in Business Administration Endowment BMACDONBA
Basil Peters/High Tech Exchange Group Scholarship Endowment Fund 0NEXUSENGSC
BC Bearing Engineers Ltd. & the Canadian Council Endowment Award for Latin American Co-op Students 0BCBEAENGLT
BC Council of Garden Clubs – Mildred Wells Graduate Scholarship 0BCCOUNGARD
BC Ground Water Association Annual Graduate Award in Hydrogeology BCGROUNDWAT
BC Hydro Library Renewal Trust Endowment 0BCHYDRLIBR
BC Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience in Early Childhood Health and Development COGNEUROSC
BC Leadership Chair in Proactive Approaches to Reducing Risk for Violence Among Children and Youth Endowment REDUCERISK
BC Lions Athletic Endowment 1BCLIONSATH
BC Notaries Bursary Endowment APPLEGALSTUD
BC Wrestling Association Alumni Award Endowment 1BCWRESASSN
BC Wrestling Association Endowment for Women's Wrestling BCWRESTWOME
BCTV Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund 1BCTV
Beedie School of Business Alumni Endowment Fund 2BUSADMINEN
Beedie School of Business' Indigenous Business Leadership Executive MBA Travel Fund MBATRAVFUN
Bel Construction Graduate Endowment Fund 0BELCONLTD
Belkin Packaging Bursary Endowment Fund 0BELKINPACK
Bella Koch Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0BELLKOCHME
Belzberg Library Endowment Fund 0BELZLIBREN
Ben West Student Exchange Annual Award BENWEST
Ben Wosk Permanent Bursary Endowment Fund 0BENWOSK
Bennett Family Entrance Scholarship Endowment JIMBENNETTE
Bennett Library Development Fund 0WACBENNLIB
Betsy Gibbons Family Endowment BGIBBONSEND
Betty Lambert Memorial Prize Endowment 0BETTLAMBME
Beverley Raymond Memorial Scholarship Endowment RAYMONDSCHO
Bhagat Puran Singh-Sikh Community Endowment for Students with Disabilities BHAGATPURAN
Bill David Hanlon Memorial Fund HANLONMEM
Bill De Vries Scholarship Endowment Fund 2WILLDEVREN
Bill Jeffries Award for Indigenous Students in the Arts Endowment CONARTINDSTU
Bill Oliver Family Graduate Endowment BOLIVERGRAD
Bill Oliver Men's Basketball Endowment BOLIVERBAS
Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies BILLREIDFOU
Billy Jones Endowment 0BILLJONEAW
Bing Sum Yip Bursary Endowment Fund 0BINGSUMYIP
Biological Sciences Merit Scholarship Endowment Fund 0BIOSCIMERI
Biological Sciences Scholarship Endowment Fund BIOSCISCHOL
Blankstein Endowment for Swimming and Diving BLANKSTEIN
Blayne and Sharon Johnson Endowment 0CHANBURSJO
Blue Planet Links Foundation Bursary Endowment BLUEPLANET
BMO – John Ellis Graduate Scholarship in Indigenous Business and Leadership Endowment BMOJELLIS
BMO Financial Group Endowment BMOGRADUATE
Board of Governors Student Support Fund BOGEXLESSF
Bob Johnson Graduate Bursary in Business Administration BJOHNSGRAD
Bob Laing Memorial Endowment for Softball BOBLAING
Bob Rennie Endowment BOBRENNIE
Bob Spray Rugby Endowment 2SFURUGBYEN
Boivie Family Endowment supporting the Boivie Family Grant for the Women in Technology BOIVIEFAMEND
Borden Ladner Gervais Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0LADNDOWNGR
Brendan Midgley and Joseph Stryjak Celebration of Life Bursary Endowment MIDGLEYSTRY
Brian Grant Memorial Graduate Award in Resource and Environmental Management BGGREM
Brian J. Blaha Endowment BRIANBLAHA
Brian Taylor Undergraduate Award in Dance Endowment BTAYLORFUND
Brian Williamson Graduate Travel Award in Archaeology Endowment BWILLTRAVL
Brian Williamson Memorial Endowment 0BRIAWILSME
Brit Townsend Track and Field Award Endowment 2BRITTOWNTR
British Columbia Automobile Association Endowment 0BCAAENDOFU
Brodie Osborne-Campbell Memorial Bursary in Criminology Endowment BRODIEOSBOR
Bruce and Lis Welch Bursary in Business Endowment 0BRULISWELC
Bruce and Lis Welch Community Award at Centre for Dialogue 0C4DBWLWEND
Bruce Brenton Undergraduate Award BBRENTON
Bruce Brenton Undergraduate Award Friends & Family Fund BBRENTFAM
Bruce E. Welch Award for Science and Technology Commercialization Endowment BWELCHEND
Bruce Howe Memorial Endowment 0BRUCEHOWE
Bruce McKelvie Endowment Bursary Fund 0BRUCMCKEEN
Building Owners and Managers Association Endowment in Urban Studies 0BUILOWNEMA
Burnaby Art Gallery Association Endowment Fund 0BURNARTGAL
Burnaby Historical Society Undergraduate Scholarship in Canadian History Endowment BURNHISTSOC
Burnaby Municipal Chapter IODE Bursary Endowment 0BURNMUNCCH
Burrard Charitable Foundation Annual Bursary, held at Vancouver Foundation 0BURRCHARFO
Business Administration Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0BUSIADMIGR
Buster's Towing Angus Anthon MacLennan Memorial Endowment 0BUSTERTOWI
C.D. Nelson Memorial Endowment Prize 0CDNELSMEM
C2UExpo 2017 C2UEXPO2017
Caledonia Award in World Literature Endowment CALEDONIA
Campus Community Bursary Endowment Fund 0CAMPCOMMBU
Canadian Cable Television Association Graduate Scholarship 0CANACABLTE
Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing Endowment Fund 0PUBLSTUDEN
Canadian Drug Policy Coalition Project CANDRUGPOLI
Canadian Federation of University Women - Coquitlam Endowment 0CFUWCOQUEN
Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan Endowment supporting the Friends of Simon Tutoring Program CSTPLANEND
Canadian Yugoslav Community Association Bursary Endowment Fund 0CANAYUGOCO
Canron - Sidney Hogg Memorial Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0SIDNHOGGCA
Capi Blanchet Annual Scholarship in Fiction CAPIBLANCHE
Captain James Cook Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0CAPTJAMECO
Carla Poppen Scholarship Undergraduate Award Endowment CARLAPOPPEN
Carla Salvail Memorial Endowment CARLASALVAI
Carol and Gary Chapman Memorial Endowment 0CAROCHAPME
Carrera Alumni Award in Wrestling Endowment 2CENTALUMWR
Cassidy Centre for Educational Justice Endowment 0CENTEDUCLA
Catherine Anne McKay Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0CATHMCKAY
Cathy & Jon Driver Archaeology Department Special Initiatives Endowment Fund JONCATHY
Cathy Daminato Fund CDAMINATO
CDA Program Endowment Fund CDAPROG
CDPC Stimulus Conference CDPCSTICON
Cecelia Suragh Memorial Endowment Fund CECOLIAMEMO
Center for Comparative Muslim Studies MUSLIMSPECI
Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies Endowment MUSLIMSTUDY
Centre for Dialogue -  Pivot 2020 PIVOT2020
Centre for Dialogue - Hey Neighbour Collective CFDHEYNB
Centre for Dialogue - Knowledge and Practice CFDKANDP
Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture & Education (CIRCE) IMAGINATIVE
Centre for Scottish Studies Specific Purpose Fund 0SCOTTSPECI
Century 21 Charlwood Family Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0CENTCHARFA
CFUW - North Vancouver Bursary Endowment 0UNIVWOMNV
Chad Day Graduate Endowment 0CHADDAYGRA
Chair in Technology Innovations for Youth Addiction Recovery and Mental Health MHADDICTION
Chan Sisters Foundation Non-Profit Co-op Employment Endowment 0KATCHAEMPG
Chancellor Brandt C. Louie Legacy Endowment BRANDTLOUIE
Chapman Foundation Bursary Endowment Fund CHAPMAN
Charalambos (Harry) & Helen Katevatis Graduate Endowment HELLENICGRA
Charles Allard Undergraduate Student Research Award Endowment CALLARDEND
Charles Chang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund CCHANGENDOW
Charles Drugan and Rose Anne Doonan Bursary Endowment Fund 0CHARDRUGAN
Charles Olson Endowment CHARESOLSON
Charles S. Walker Bursary Endowment Fund 0CHARWALKEN
Chemistry Alumni Bursary Endowment Fund 0HARIGRADSC
Chemistry Graduate Research Endowment Award 0CHEMBIOGRA
Chemistry Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund CHEMUGSCHOL
Cherry Vail Undergraduate Annual Bursary BALOCKEAWAR
Chevron Canada Limited Scholarship Endowment 0CHEVCANSCH
Chien's Cultural Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund 0CHIECULTFO
Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada Endowment 0SUNBBUSIAS
Chris Welsby Experimental Film Award, held at Vancouver Foundation CWEFAW
Christian Friesen Memorial Award Endowment CHRISFRIESE
Christian Steckler Scholarship Endowment Fund STECKLEREND
Chu On Fok and Wai Yuk Fok  Foundation Bursary Endowment 0CHUONFOKWA
Chung Family Undergraduate Scholarship in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences CHUNGUNDSCHO
Circolo Abruzzese Bursary Endowment CIRCOLOENDO
City of Surrey Memorial Employee Undergraduate Award SURRMEMEMP
Clark Wilson LLP Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0CLARWILSGR
Clifford Ian Dyck Visiting Lectureship Endowment CLIFFORDIAN
Cloverdale Paint Inc. Scholarship Endowment 0CLOVPAINEN
Clyne Family Award for Indigenous Students DAVIDCLYNE
Cmolik Prize for the Enhancement of Public Education in British Columbia Endowment CMOLIKPRIZE
CN / Joe Segal Endowment Fund CNJOESEGAL
CN Graduate Award in Indigenous Business and Leadership Fund CNGRADBUS
Coaching Fund For Excellence in Wrestling 0COACHFUNDE
Coast Capital Rudy Nielsen Award COASCAPRNL
Coastal Zone Canada (BC) Association Graduate Scholarship in the Faculty of Environment Endowment 0COASTALZON
Cody Sawatsky Memorial Award in Gaming Endowment CSAWATSKY
Cogeco Graduate Scholarship in Communication Endowment 0COGEGRADEN
Cogent ChipWare Endowment COGENTCHIP
Colin A. Conrad Bursary Endowment Fund 0COLCONENDO
Colin McPhee Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0COLIMCPHEN
Columbia College Endowment Fund 0COLUCOLLEN
Communication Alumni Scholarship Endowment 2COMMALUMEN
Community Economic Development Fund COMMECONDE
Community Education Impact Endowment CEIMPACTEDW
Community Partnership Fund 0COMMPARTFU
Community Scholars Program COMSCHOPRO
Community-Engaged Research Initiative (CERi) CERINIT
Computing Science 50th Anniversary Bursary CS50B
Computing Science Graduation Scholarship Endowment 0COMPSCIEGR
Computing Science Undergraduate Student Society Scholarship Endowment Fund 0COMPSCIEUN
Confratellanza Italo Canadese Endowed Bursary Fund 0CONFITALEF
Connell Lightbody Endowment 0RAYCONNEND
Continuing Studies - Writer's Studio Fund 0CONTSTUD
Corix Endowment Fund supporting the Learning in Depth Program LEARNDEPTH
Costco Canada Undergraduate Entrance Bursary Endowment COSTCOENDOW
Courage to Persevere Award MONKAWARD
Courtney Triano Swimming Endowment CTRIANOSWIM
CP/Teck Resources Award for Environmental Innovation Endowment CPTECKGRAD
Craig Asmundson Endowment CASMUNDSON
Craig Newell Memorial Endowment CRAIGNEWELL
Craig Roberts Scholarship Endowment Fund CROBERTSMEM
Credit Union Central of British Columbia Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund 1BCCENTCRE
CREW Vancouver Award at the SFU Beedie School of Business Advancing Women in Commercial Real Estate CREWWOMEN
Criminology Graduate Student Scholarship Endowment Fund 0CRIMGRADPR
Crocker Family Award in Psychology Endowment CROCKEREDM
Crowe MacKay LLP Annual Undergraduate Scholarship in Accounting MACKAYLLP
CSC2014 Seminar in Chemistry Endowment CSC2014SEM
CWB Refugee Livelihood Lab CWBREFLL
D. B. Perks & Associates Ltd. Endowment 1STRASYSTLT
DA Architects + Planners Bursary Endowment 0DOWNARCHAR
Dallas Smythe Memorial Scholarship Endowment 0DALLSMYTME
Daniel Igali Endowment DANIELIGALI
Daniel Janzen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0DANIJANZME
Darcy and Karina Biagioni Family Scholarship Endowment Fund BIAGIONIEND
DATA Science Endowment Fund 0MANASYSTSC
Dave Sukhdip Singh Hayer and Marie Isabelle Martinez Hayer Bursary in Journalism Endowment DSMHBEJOUR
David A. Freeman Permanent Bursary Endowment Fund 0DAVIDFREEM
David and Brenton Nichols Endowment 0NICHOLSBRT
David and Cecilia Ting Endowment 0DAVICECITI
David and Mary Macaree Scholarship Endowment Fund MACAREEFUND
David and Rachelle Chertkow Graduate Endowment 0DAVIRACHCH
David Armstrong Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 2DAVIARMSME
David Beneteau Wrestling Scholarship Endowment 0DAVIBENEEN
David Bensted Visiting Fellowship Endowment 0DAVIDBENST
David Gillanders Endowment DGILLANDERS
David L. Baillie Graduate Endowment BAILLIEMCB
David Pel Bursary in Accounting DPELBURACC
DBMiner Scholarship Endowment Fund DBMINERSCHO
Deanne Schweitzer Award in Swimming Endowment DEANNESCHWE
Dean's 10th Anniversary Graduate Endowment in the Faculty of Environment 10THANNIFENV
Dean's Excellence Fund Endowment DEANEXCELLEW
Dekleva Family Annual Bursary DEKLEVAAWD
Dekleva Family Endowment DEKLEVAEND
Deloitte & Touche Scholarship in Accounting 0TOUCROSSSC
Deloitte Graduate Entrance Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ARTHANDEGR
Delta Kappa Gamma Society – Vancouver Chapter Bursary DELTAKAPPA
Dennis Culver EMBA Professorship Endowment 0EMBAPROFFE
Department of Economics Development Fund 0ECONDEPTGF
Department of Economics Research Purpose Endowment Fund ECONOMICS
Department of English Endowment 0ENGLDEPTEN
Department of French Award for Excellence Endowment 0FRENCHENDO
Department of Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Development Fund WOMENSSTUDI
Department of Gerontology 40th Anniversary Fund 40GEROFUND
Department of History Development Fund 0HISTDEPTGF
Department of Linguistics Development Fund 0LANGLITLIN
Department of Mathematics Award Endowment 0MATHSTATEN
Department of Sociology and Anthropology Development Fund 0SOCIANTHRO
Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science Award Endowment Fund 0STATACTUSC
Diamond Endowment Fund in Business 0DIAMFUNDBU
Diamond Family International Mobility Endowment DIAMNDMOBIL
Diaspora Engagement Fund DIASPORAENG
Dick McClure Award for Rowing Endowment DMCCLUREEND
Dina Taddei Memorial Endowment DINATADDEI
Dino De Poli Endowment DEPOLILECTU
Djavad Mowafaghian Endowment Fund in the Faculty of Health Sciences DAVIDMOWAFA
Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation Endowment in Children's Health Policy Research MOWAFAGHIAN
Don & Julia DeVoretz Economics Scholarship DEVORECON
Don & Pat Hudson Scholarship Endowment in International Business Relations HUDSONSCHOL
Donald H.M. and Phyllis M. Ross Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0DONAROSSME
Donna Margaret Laws Bursary Endowment Fund LAWSBURSARY
Doreen Wilkinson Memorial Endowment 0DOREWILKME
Doris Colligan Memorial Endowment DCOLLIGANMEM
Dorothy and Alex Macdonald Bursary Endowment Fund 0DEJOMACDEN
Dorothy May Martin Bursary Endowment Fund 0DOROMAYMAR
Dorothy Middler Thomas Graduate Entrance Endowment 0DOROMIDDTH
Dorothy Sullivan Endowment 0DOROSULLBU
Dorthea Atwater and Peter Hay Collection Endowment ATWATERHAY
Dossa Endowment supporting the Dossa Student Travel Award DOSSAENDOW
Dossa Family Endowment supporting the Dossa Family Undergraduate Scholarship DOSSAFAMILY
Doug Drummon Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0DOUGDRUMGR
Doug Roxburgh Golf Award Endowment ROXBURGHEND
Douglas Cole Memorial Endowment 0DOUCOLMEMG
Douglas M. Gregg Annual Bursary in Computing Science 0DOUGGREGG
Downtown Vancouver Association Scholarship Endowment in Urban Studies 0DOWNVANCAS
Dr Ellen M. Gee Endowed Memorial Lecture Series in Gerontology 0ELLENLECTU
Dr. A. H. and Dr. Geeta Somjee Graduate Scholarship in Political Science Endowment SOMJEEENDOW
Dr. A. H. Somjee and Dr. Geeta Somjee Professorship in Indian Political Development Endowment Fund SOMINDPOEN
Dr. A. H. Somjee and Dr. Geeta Somjee Undergraduate Endowment SOMJEEUGPS
Dr. Aimee August Award in Indigenous Language Proficiency Endowment AIMEEAUGEND
Dr. Alan Mekler Memorial Endowment 0ALANMEKLME
Dr. Alfredo E. Hurtado Memorial Essay Award Endowment 0AEHURTENFU
Dr. Ali Dastmalchian Memorial Fund ADASTMEM
Dr. Barry Beyerstein Bursary Endowment BARRYBEYERS
Dr. Bob McCormack Scholarship for Athletic Awards MCCORMACK
Dr. Brian Burtch Graduate Award in Criminology BURTCHFUND
Dr. Brian Burtch Graduate Award in Criminology Friends & Family Fund BURTCHFAM
Dr. Bruce Brandhorst Graduate Prizes in MBB Endowment BRANDHORST
Dr. Cal Hoyt Bursary Endowment Fund 0DRCALHOYEN
Dr. Carol Matusicky Bursary Endowment 0CAROMATUBU
Dr. David Eaves Endowment DAVIDEAVES
Dr. Dianne Cyr Endowment DIANNECYR
Dr. Donald, Eleanor, & Laurie Rix Biotechnology Management of Technology MBA Graduate Endowment Fund RIXBIOTECH
Dr. E.A. Fattah Graduate Endowment 0DREAFATTAH
Dr. Ed Colhoun Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0COLHMEMEND
Dr. Ellen Gee Memorial Graduate Scholarship for Excellence 0DRELLENGEE
Dr. Elliot Goldner Graduate Fellowship in Mental Health Policy EGOLDNER
Dr. Eva Voigt Chemistry Graduate Student Award for Mentoring Leadership EVAVOIGTAWDLEA
Dr. Gordon L. Diewert Memorial Kinesiology Endowment 0GORDDIEWME
Dr. Gordon Shrum Athletic Award Endowment 1GORDSHRUAE
Dr. Grazia Merler Bursary Endowment 0GRAZMERLEN
Dr. Grazia Merler Scholarship in French or Italian Endowment GMERLERFREN
Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation Annual Graduate Scholarship HSHARMAGRAD
Dr. Howard Malm Graduate Award Endowment HOWARDMALM
Dr. Ivor Fleming Undergraduate Student Research Award Endowment IFLEMINGEND
Dr. J.V. Christensen Endowment 0JVCHRISTEN
Dr. Jack Diamond Permanent Bursary Endowment 0JDIAMONDPE
Dr. Jack Nance Memorial Endowment 0NANCEJACKS
Dr. Jack Uppal Endowment JACKUPPAL
Dr. John Abreu Memorial Award in Mathematics DRJAMEMAW
Dr. John Yorston Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0JOHNYORSME
Dr. Josephine Anthony Endowment JANTHONYEND
Dr. L.B. Peter Rae Memorial Endowment 0PETRAEMEMO
Dr. Marela Dichupa Memorial Graduate Award in Arts Education MDMEMOFUND
Dr. Marguerite Fauquenoy Graduate Endowment 0MARGFAUQGR
Dr. Mary Sheila O'Connell Graduate Endowment 0MSOCONNEL2
Dr. Mary Sheila O'Connell Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0MARYSHEIOC
Dr. Michael Lepawsky Memorial Graduate Award in Hyperbaric Medicine MLEPAWSKYGR
Dr. Nancy Hall Graduate Award in Public Health NANCYHALLME
Dr. Phyllis Wrenn Endowment PWRENNFREN
Dr. Reza Nouri BPK Community Leadership Award Endowment RNOURILEAD
Dr. Reza Nouri BPK Undergraduate Award Endowment RNOURIEND
Dr. Rosena Davison Endowment RDAVISONEND
Dr. Ruby Peter Graduate Award in Indigenous Language Proficiency Endowment RPGRADEND
Dr. S.C. and Mrs. B.Y. Cheah Bursary Endowment Fund CHEAHENDOW
Dr. Sonja Luehrmann Memorial Lecture Series Fund SONJALMEM
Dr. T. Peter Harmon Wrestling Endowment 1DRTPETEHAR
Dr. Tai Whan Kim Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0TAIWHANKIM
Dr. Tashakkor Undergraduate Award in Contemporary Arts TASHAKKORAW
Dr. Thomas J. Mallinson Memorial Bursary Endowment 0THOMMALLME
Dr. Tom Richardson Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0DRTOMRICME
Dr. Unrau Memorial Co-op Scholarship Endowment Fund 0DRUNRAUMEM
Dr. W. Koerner Permanent Bursary Endowment Fund 0WCKOERNER
Dr. William A. Gruver Engineering Science Memorial Award Endowment WGRUVERMEM
Drop-In Centre Endowment Bursary Fund 0DROPINCENT
Drs. Fereidoun and Katharine Mirhady Endowment 0DRSMIRHADY
Dueck Auto Group President's Scholarship Endowment 0DUECCHEVOL
Duncan & Jean McEachran Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund DUNCAN
DuPont Scholarship Endowment Fund 0DUPOENDOFU
Dutton Essay Award Endowment DUTHUM
EA Dick Asher Award in the Faculty of Applied Sciences EADICKASHAS
Earl and Jennie Lohn Foundation Endowment 0EARLJENNLO
Earth Sciences Program Development Fund 0EARTSCIPRO
Earth Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund EARTHSCENDO
Ebco Eppich Chair in Computing Science Endowment 0ENCMSCCHAI
Economics Graduate Endowment ECONOGRAD
Economics Professorship Endowment Fund supporting Endowed Professorships in Economics ECONOMPROF
Economics Research Development Fund ECONCOMRE
Economics Student Leadership Fund ECONSLEAD
Economics Undergraduate Endowment ECONSCHOLAR
Edelmayer Endowment Fund EDELMAYEREA
Edmond A. Foley Library Endowment 0EAFOLEEND
Edoye Porbeni Service Equals Success Award EPORBENIAW
Edward & Emily McWhinney Foundation Hellenic Studies Graduate Scholarship Endowment MCWHELLEN
Edward & Emily McWhinney Professorship in International Relations Endowment Fund MCWHINPROF
Edward and Emily McWhinney Foundation Scholarship, held at Vancouver Foundation MCWHINNEYANN
Edward and Marianne Gibson Endowment for the Art and Cultural Collections of SFU GIBSONEND
Edward S. Liu Bursary in Economics ELIUBURSARY
Edward Wilson Undergraduate Bursary in History Endowment EWILSONEND
Elizabeth J. Clogg Memorial Graduate Scholarship in History EJCMEMGRAD
Ellen and Warren Tallman Endowment TALLMANEND
Ellen Loosley Memorial Graduate Bursary in Chemistry and Physics Endowment ELMEBCHPHE
Ellen Mary Greenaway Bursary Endowment Fund 0ELLENGREEN
Elma Krbavac Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ELMAKRABSC
Elsie Winona McLaren Meadows Scholarship Endowment Fund EWMEADOWS
Emergency Preparedness Conference Scholarship Endowment Fund 0EMERPREPCO
Emily Campbell/SFU Daycare Bursary Endowment Fund 0EMILCAMPEF
Emily Longworth Memorial Award, held at Vancouver Foundation EMILYLONGWO
Empresario Entrepreneur Award Endowment EMPRESARIO
Engineering Science Student Endowment 0ENGISCIEEN
Engineering Science Student Society Endowment 0ENGIUNDEST
Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia Scholarship in Earth Sciences APEGBCEARTH
Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia Scholarship in Engineering 0ASSOPROFEN
Engineers' Wives' Association Bursary Endowment 0ENGIWIVEAS
English Department Faculty Bursary Endowment 0ENGDEPFACU
Enid Harris Scholarship Endowment Fund ENIDHARRIS
Eric Burkle Scholarship in Political Science Endowment EBURKLEPOL
Eric Swanick Special Collections Travel and Research Grant Endowment ESWANICKEND
Erm Fiorillo - Hal Davis CKNW Orphans' Fund Endowment 0CKNWORPHFU
Estate of Hans Christiansen Bursary Endowment Fund 0HANSCHRIME
Ethel Barbara Tuck Graduate Scholarship Endowment in Education 0ETHEBARTUC
Ethel Barbara Tuck Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment in Education 0ETBARTUCKU
European History Award Endowment 0EUROHISTEN
Evelyn and Leigh Palmer Scholarship in Physical Sciences Endowment 0EVELLEIGPA
Evelyn J. Oliver Bursary Endowment Fund 0EVELOLIVEN
Evelyn Pinkerton Endowment Fund PINKERTON
Ewan Clark Memorial Award Endowment EWANCLARK
Executive Women International Bursary Endowment Fund 0EXECWOMEIN
Exomotion Robotic Suit Research EXOMOTION
F.W. Sullivan Visual Arts Award Endowment 0FWSULLVIS
Faculty and Staff Health Sciences Graduate Research Awards HEALTHSCIGR
Faculty Endowment for Excellence 0FACBUSADM
Faculty of Applied Sciences Bursary Fund APPSCIBUR
Faculty of Applied Sciences Outreach Program: Invent the Future FASOPRINFU
Faculty of Applied Sciences Rocketry Club FAAPSCIROC
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Travel Award TRAVELAWD
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Bursary Fund FASSBUR
Faculty of Communication Art and Technology Bursary Fund FCATBUR
Faculty of Education Alumni Bursary Endowment Fund 2EDUCALUMEN
Faculty of Education Bursary Endowment Fund 0FACEDUCBUR
Faculty of Education Graduate Scholarship for Master's and PhD Students GRADUATESCH
Faculty of Environment - Professional Programs FAENVPROGM
Faculty of Environment Bursary Fund ENVBUR
Faculty of Health Sciences Bursary Fund HSCIBUR
Faculty of Science Alumni Endowment Fund 2FACOSCIENC
Faculty of Science Dean's Discretionary Fund SCIENCEDEV
Faculty of Science Undergraduate Student Research Award Endowment SCIENCEAWRD
Farida Lalji and Jenny Kaderali Bursary Endowment Fund 0FARILALJJE
FASS Dean's Fund for Strategic Initiatives 0FACARTSDEV
Father Della-Torre Bursary Endowment Fund 0FATHDELLTO
Father Michael Bach Endowment 0FATHMICHBA
FCAT Dean's Strategic Priorities Fund FCATDEANST
FCAT: School of Communication - Public Safety Broadband Network FCATPSBN
Finning Research Fellowship Endowment 0FINNRESEFE
Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation Undergraduate Award in Finance Endowment FIRMAEXCH
First Nation, Métis, and Indigenous Student Association Award Endowment FNSAWARD
First Nation, Métis, and Indigenous Student Association Bursary Endowment 1STNABUREND
First Nation, Métis, and Indigenous Student Association Scholarship Endowment FNSCHENDOW
Flight 752 Memorial Graduate Scholarship Annual Fund FL752MEMANN
Florence and Lynn Sully Men's Basketball Endowment 1SULLBASKEN
Florence Godwin IODE Bursary in Criminology Endowment 0IODECOLOBU
Florence Sully Bursary for Women in STEM FSULLYBURS
Fondation des Francophones de la Colombie-Britannique Grant Endowment FONDFRCBEND
Food Security Fund (Dining Commons) FOODSECFUN
Fort Capital Partners Graduate Scholarship in Invention to Innovation FORTCAPINV
Fort Capital Partners Technology Entrepreneurship Fund FORTCAPFUN
Frances and Samuel Belzberg SFU Woodward's Cultural Partnerships Endowment BELZBERGEND
Frances Mary Beattie Scholarship Endowment Fund FRANCESMARY
Franklin D. and Helen K. Van Pykstra Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0FRANKHELEV
Fraser Health KEY Graduate Scholarship FRASERHEALT
Fred & Maureen Wright Bursary Endowment Fund 0CHANBURSWR
Fred and Elaine Moonen Endowment 0FREDELAIMO
Fred Silber Lectureship in Gerontology Endowment 0FREDSILBLE
French Cohort Program Scholarship Endowment Fund FRENCOHORT
French Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0FRENMMEND
Friends of Simon - Gadhia Family Endowment DGADHIA
Friends of Simon Tutoring Project IMREFYOUTH
Frode Strand-Nielsen Scholarship Endowment Fund STRANDNIELS
Fung Chan Yee Shan Memorial Endowment 0FUNGCHANYE
G. F. Kym Anthony Scholarship Endowment Fund 1KYMANTHWRE
G.C. "Chuck" Arnold Memorial Endowment 1CHUCARNOGO
G10 Entrance Bursary Endowment ATHWALENDOW
Gary Campbell May Day Memorial Annual Award GARYCAMPBE
Gary Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund GARYHALLMEM
Gayle J. E. Harris Memorial Bursary Endowment GAYLEHMEM
Gene Bridwell Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Special Collections 0GENEBRIDWE
General - Athletics & Recreation Fund GENATHLETIC
Gentai Financial Group Undergraduate Scholarship in Finance GENTAIFING
Geoff Madoc-Jones Memorial Endowment GEOFFMADOC
Geography Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0GRADSCHOGE
Geography Undergraduate Fieldwork Endowment GEOGUNGRAD
George and Muriel Rogers Bursary Endowment Fund 0GEOMURENDO
Gerald & Sheahan McGavin Award Endowment 0G&SMCGAVIN
Gerhard & Regine Gries Fund GEREGRIES
German Canadian Benevolent Society of BC Endowment 0GERMCANABE
Gerontology Research Centre 0GERONRESCE
Gil Moser Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0GILMOSERME
Gilhooley Family Entrance Bursary in Business Endowment GILHOOLEYENDW
Gladys Andree Crute Bursary Endowment Fund GLADYSCRUTE
Gladys Henry Endowment for Bert Henry Memorial Graduate Scholarship 0BERTHENRME
Glen Geen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0GLENGEENME
Glen Tibbits Graduate Student Research Award GTIBBITSUG
Glenfraser Endowment GLENFRASER
Glenfraser ICP Planning Award in Acoustic Communication SECURECAPIT
Glenn Berg Enterprising Achiever Award BERGECONOMICS
Glenn Berg Enterprising Achiever Award Endowment BERGENDOW
Gloria Garrett Carlton Memorial BursaryEndowment 0GLORGARECA
Gloria Gutman Conference Travel Award Endowment GLORIAGUTMA
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Community Endowment Fund GOLDCORP
Golf Endowment Fund 1GOLFENDFUN
Gordon and Goldie Rodgers Endowment Fund 0GORODGERSE
Gordon M. Shrum Chair in Science 0SHRUMCHAIR
Gordon R. Diamond Endowment 0GORDONDIAM
Gordon R. Elliott Endowment GORDONRELLI
Gordon Smith Undergraduate Award GORDONSMITH
Grace Woodsworth MacInnis Graduate Endowment 0GRACWOODMA
Grace Woodsworth MacInnis Undergraduate Bursary Endowment Fund 0GRACWOODUN
Graduate Liberal Studies Program Endowment 0SCHOLIBEPR
Graduate Prize in Computing Science Endowment Fund 0GRADPRIZCO
Graduate Research Award for Women in Applied Sciences HCOPPING
Graham and Brenda Siddall Endowment SIDDALLEND
Grant Sheffer Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Physics Endowment GSHEFFERMEM
Grant Sheffer Undergraduate Student Research Award in Physics Endowment GSHEFFERUND
Grant Strate University Professor, School for the Contemporary Arts GSTRATEPRO
Grant Wilson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0GRANWILSME
Great-West Life Scholarship in Business Administration Endowment 0GREATWESTL
Greg Younging Publishing Award Endowment GREGYOUNGPUB
Greg Younging Undergraduate Award in Publishing Studies GREGYOUNGUA
Gregg Harris Memorial Bursary in Applied Sciences Endowment GHARRISMEM
Greystone Books Graduate Scholarship in Publishing GREYSTONEGR
Gunraj Gill Memorial Award in Political Science Endowment GUNRAJMEM
H. Y. Louie 100th Anniversary Scholarship Endowment 0HYLOUIESCH
H.R. MaCarthy Endowed Lectureship in Pest Managmt 0HRMACENDLE
H.R. MacCarthy Graduate Bursary Endowment 0HRMACCARTH
Hal Werner Track and Field Award Endowment HALWERNER
Hamber Foundation Annual Bursaries for Women 0HAMBERFOUN
Hamilton Family Endowment EGRIFFITHS
Hargreaves Scholarship in Science and Applied Sciences Endowment DHARGREAVES
Hari and Madhu Varshney Visiting Scholars Program in Indian Studies Endowment ICCRSCHOLAR
Harington Endowment HARINTONGRA
Harold Hancheroff Memorial Scholarship Endowment 0HAROHANCME
Harris Family Endowment HARFAMEND
Harry and Dora Annie Smee Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0HARRSMEEME
Harvey and Dorothy Burt Bursary Endowment (Environment) 0HARVBURTBU
Health & Counselling Services Development Fund HCSDEVELOPE
Helen Egri Bursary Endowment Fund HELENEGRI
Helen Osborne Memorial Award for Indigenous Students OSBORNEABR
Helen Yuchen Tang and Leo Weizhi Liu Bursary in Applied Sciences TANGLIUASC
Hélène Josefowicz Endowment supporting the Annie and Leon Josefowicz Memorial Award JOSEFOWICZEND
HeliCat Canada Graduate Award in Wildlife and Environmental Research HELICANGRAD
Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC Chair in Hellenic Studies Endowment 0HELLSTUDEN
Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC Graduate Endowment HELLENICBCG
Hellenic Studies Professorship in Aegean and Mediterranean Societies and Cultures Endowment Fund SECURITYPROF
Helmut & Hugo Eppich Family Endowment 0EPPIFAMIGR
Hemingway Nelson Architects Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0HEMINELSAR
Herbert and Evelyn Taverner Scholarship in Creative Writing Endowment TAVCREAWRI
Hildegard & Cornelius Renner Graduate Endowment 0HILDCORNRE
Hollosi Women in Science Endowment 0HOLLWOMESC
Hon. A.E. Branca and Mrs. Branca Bursary Endowment 0HONBRANCAE
Hon. William M. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0HONWILLMHA
Horne Family Alumni Bursary Endowment 2HORNFAMIAL
HSBC Graduate Award in Business Endowment 0HSBCGRADUA
Hugh Clark Memorial Endowment 0HUGHCLARME
Humanities Graduate Endowment HUMANITIESG
Hy Aisenstat Scholarship Endowment 0HYAISESCHO
I.L. Kostman Bursary Endowment Fund 0ILKOSTMAN
Iain Ormsaig & Mary MacKinnon Memorial Endowment 0IAINORMSMA
Ian and Yvonne Reddy Award for Community Service Supporting Sustainability Endowment REDDYCOM
Ian Andrews and Renate Doege Memorial International Teacher Education Module (ITEM) Award Endowment ITEMENDOW
Ian Hand Memorial Fund at SFU VentureLabs IANHANDMEMVL
IATSE - Motion Picture Technicians Union Local 891 Annual Bursary 0IATSE891BU
ICBC/Brian Jones Memorial Bursary in Criminology Endowment 0ICBCBRIAJO
Indigenous and Black Graduate Scholarship in Biology INDBLGRADBIO
Indigenous DOHAD Gathering INDOHADGA
Indo-Canadian Wrestling Scholarship Endowment Fund 1INDOCANAWR
Ingrid Nystrom Archaeology Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ARCHBURSFU
Initiative in Urban Sustainability and Development Endowment REALESTFOUN
INNOEC Community Service Award RYANLAIANN
Institute for Environmental Learning Fund INSTENVLEARNF
Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Fund INST4NEURO
Institute for Performance Studies Endowment INSPERFORM
Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building Fund LIFESCIFUN
Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization INTONCOGRA
International City of Refuge Network - ICORN ICORNGIARDINI
International Reading Association Endowment 0INTEREADAS
International Student Award for Intercultural Engagement INTERENGAGE
Intramural Special Events Fund 1INTERSPECE
IODE Evelyn Price Memorial Bursary Endowment 0IODEEVELPR
IODE Seaman Morley Scott Memorial Scholarship Endowment 0IODEMORLME
IODE Verna Allen Memorial Bursary 0IODEBURQ
Irene May Surbey Endowment 0IRENMAYSEN
Isabel Dawson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ISABDAWSME
Isao Asano Undergraduate Bursary in Science ASANOBURSARY
Isao Asano Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics ASANOSCHOLAR
Israel Chertkow Memorial Endowment 0ISRACHERME
Ivanhoe Cambridge Bursary Endowment 0LAINPROPCO
J. Abbott & M. Fretwell Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 2ABBOFRETGR
J. Newton Robinson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0JNEWTROB
J.L. Wighton Professor of Laboratory Studies Endowment 0JLWIGHTON
J.S. Vieira Swimming Scholarship Endowment JSVSWIMEND
J.S. Woodsworth Chair 0JSWOODSWOR
Jack and Doris Shadbolt Endowment for the Humanities SHADBOLT
Jack and Nancy Farley University Endowment JACKFARLEY
Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies Endowment CHAIRASIAN
Jack P. Blaney Endowment 0JACKBLANEN
James A. MacEachern Graduate Scholarship in Earth Sciences Endowment MACEACHERGRAD
James Clark Undergraduate Award in Labour Studies Endowment JCLARKAWARD
James Dean Graduate Endowment Fund JAMESDEANGRAD
James Dean Scholarship for International Students Endowment JDINTSTEN
Jan Whitford and Michael Stevenson Endowment WHITFORDEND
Jane Austen Society of North America Endowment 0JANEAUSTPR
Jane Norman Memorial Endowment 1JANENORMME
Janes Corbett Faculty and Staff Community Health Practice Graduate Awards in the Faculty of Health Sciences HSPRACTICUM
Janet Collins Undergraduate Bursary Endowment JANETCOLLIN
Janice Carscadden Scholarship in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Endowment JCARSCADDENSCH
Janice Peace Endowment JPEACEEND
Janine Amanda Lauer Memorial Endowment JANINELAUER
Jarislowsky Foundation Cultural Change Endowment JARISLOWSKY
Jay Triano Basketball Endowment 1JAYTRIABAS
Jean G.K. Bailey Graduate Bursary Endowment 0JGMBAILEST
Jean Pudney Bursary Endowment Fund PUDNEY ENDO
Jenifer Thewalt Graduate Scholarship in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry THEWALTMBB
Jennifer Allen Simons Endowment Fund 0JENNALLESI
Jeremy Stone Memorial Fund JSMEMFUND
Jesse Malm Engineering Physics Endowment JESMALEPEDMT
Jim and Penny Cavers Endowment 0JIMPENCAVE
Jim Babcock Lecture in Liberal Studies Endowment JBABLECTURE
Jim Babcock Scholarship in Graduate Liberal Studies BABCOCKGRAD
Jim Ciccone Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 1JIMCICCBAS
Jim Forsythe Olympian Award Endowment 1JIMFORSOLY
Jim Fulton Memorial Endowment JIMFULTON
JimMar Memorial Bursary Endowment in Education 0JIMMAREDUC
JimMar Memorial Bursary Endowment in Engineering 0JIMMARENGI
Jitendra Kumar Mundra Memorial Award for deaf and Hard of Hearing Students JKMMEMAW
Joan H. Walter Memorial Endowment 0JOANWALTME
Jo-Ann Mychaluk Bursary Endowment 0JMYCHALUKE
Joanne Warnett Award for Mature Students JWARNETTAWD
Joe and Mary Merchant Scholarship Endowment Fund 0JOEMARMERS
John and Alexis Clague Undergraduate Award in Earth Sciences Endowment MATHEWSCLAG
John and Isabel Young Bursary Endowment Fund 0JOHNISABYO
John and Leanne Rooney Graduate Scholarship Endowment JLROONEY
John and Lyn Webster Graduate Scholarship in Biological Science JLWEBSTER
John Buchanan Classic - SFU Men's Soccer and SFU Golf Tournament Fund JBUCHGSTOURN
John Buchanan Memorial Golf Award Endowment BUCHANANGOLF
John Buchanan Men's Soccer Award Endowment 1JOHNBUCHSO
John D'Auria Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry and Physics Endowment JDAURIAAWD
John Driftmier Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund JDRIFTMIERMEM
John F. Cochran Physics Scholarship Endowment Award in Physics JOHNCOCHRAN
John Halliday McCrae Graduate Scholarship in Ecological Restoration Endowment JHMCCRAEEN
John Juliani Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0JULIANIMEM
John K. Friesen Lecture Series Endowment 0JKFRIESENE
John M. Munro Endowed Lecture 0JMUNROLECT
John Michael McLarty Endowment Fund 0JOHNMICHMC
John R. Hecht Bursary Endowment Fund 0JOHNHECHT
John Rosborough Memorial Endowment 0JOHNROSBME
John Stell Sykes Scholarship Endowment Fund 0JOHNSYKES
John Waterhouse Scholarship Endowment Fund JOHNWATERH
Jonathan X. Cote Leadership Graduate Award in Urban Studies JONXCOTE
Jon-Lee Kootnekoff Endowment 1JONLEEKOOT
Joseph Lee Family Undergraduate Award for First Generation Learners JOSEPHAWA
Joyce Duff Family Endowment Fund DUFFFAMEND
Joyce Foundation Endowment Fund supporting the Ron Joyce Undergraduate Bursary in Health Sciences JOYCEUNDERGRAD
Judith and John Memorial Bursary for Women in Applied Science JGLOVERAWA
Judy Graves Endowment JUDYGRAVES
Judy Kelly Humanitarian Award Endowment Fund 0JUDYKELLHU
June Glory Morrison Graduate Award in Gerontology Friends & Family Fund JUNEGRADFAM
K.W. Wagner Endowment Fund 0KWWAGNEREN
Kailash Kumari & Anand Narayan Memorial Award for Students with Blindness or Limited Vision KKANMEMAW
Kaiser Foundation Endowment KAISERENDOW
Kaltenegger Family Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0KALTFAMIGR
Kamal Basra Undergraduate Bursary for Indigenous Students in Science KBASRAAWD
Kathleen Isbister Endowment ISBISTER
Katie Young Memorial Scholarship in Archaeology Endowment KYOUNGARCH
Kazuya Shinyashiki Memorial Endowment 0KAZUSHINME
Keg Restaurants Ltd. Athletic Award Endowment 1KEGREST
Keith and Betty Beedie Foundation Bursary Endowment Fund 0KEITBETTBE
Keith and Betty Beedie Foundation Women's Softball Endowment 1BEEDCONSCO
Keith Beedie Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Endowment BEEDIECHAIR
Keith G. Loughlin Endowment 2KEITGILBLO
Keith Watts Memorial Endowment KEITHWATTS
Kelly Franks Memorial Swimming Endowment 1KELLFRANME
Kelly Kai-Yan Lo PDP Bursary in Education KELLYPDPED
Kelly O'Hagan Memorial Endowment 0KELLOHAGME
Ken and Su Jang Endowment 0KENSUJANG
Ken Chan BA'95 LGBT Annual Undergraduate Award KENCHAN
Ken Spencer Award in Technology Entrepreneurship STUENTRAPRE
Ken Turner Memorial Endowment 0KENTURNMEM
Kenneth Conibear Endowment 0KENNCONIEN
Ker Wells Memorial Fund KERWELFUND
Kiniski Wrestling Scholarship Endowment Fund 2NICKKINIEN
Kirk H. Michaelian Graduate Scholarship Physics Endowment KIRKMGSPEND
Klahanie R. Rorick Memorial Fund KRORICKMEM
Knud George Pedersen International Graduate Students Fund Endowment GPINTGRADEN
KPMG Annual Scholarship in Accounting KPMGACCTNG
Kris Magnusson Emerging Leaders Graduate Award in Education MAGNUSSONSCHO
Krishna Devi Memorial Scholarship for Women in STEM KDMSWOST
Kruger Products Alumni Athletic Endowment Fund 2SCOTPAPEAL
Kruger Products Graduate Endowment Fund 0SCOTPAPEBI
L. R. (Bunny) Wright Memorial Endowment 0BUNNYWRIGH
Labour Studies Endowment Fund LABOUREND
Labour Studies Program LABOURORAL
Lana Cooke International Mobility Award Endowment LCOOKEEXCH
Lang Wong Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0LANGWONGME
Langford Endowment in Women's Basketball LANGFORDEND
Larry K. Davis/Bravo International Services Corporation PNB Endowment 1LARRDAVIPE
Laura (Pat) Band and Richard W. Band Bursary Endowment Fund 0LRWBANDEND
Laurence Mervyn Cox Scholarship Endowment Fund 0LAURMERVCO
Laurie McNeil Bursary in the Faculty of Environment LMBURFEN
Laurine Harrison Graduate Endowment LHARRISON
Laurine Harrison Undergraduate Endowment LAURINEHARR
Law Foundation Graduate Scholarship in Restorative Justice Endowment 0LAWREJUSEN
Lee & Lai-Kuen Szeto Memorial Graduate Bursary Endowment SZETOGRAD
Legacy for Airway Health Chair in Promotion of Lung Health LALUNGHLTH
Leith Wheeler Graduate Award in Indigenous Business and Leadership ABORIGEMBA
Lena Gertrude Adam Memorial Bursary Endowment LENAGADAMEN
Lenami Godinez Avila Memorial Endowment LGODINEZMEM
Leon J. Ladner Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund 1LADNERATH
Leon J. Ladner BC History Scholarship Endowment 0LADNERGRAD
Les and Greg Edgelow Endowment 1LESGREGEDG
Leshgold/Israel Bursary Endowment Fund 0KATHLESH
Lesley Cormack Excellence in Teaching Endowment LESLEYCORM
Leslie Diamond Chair in Cancer Survivorship Endowment CANCERCHAIR
Letty Wilson Bursary Endowment LETTYWILSON
LGBTA Community Service Award MRSHIMIZU
Liber Ero Chair in Coastal Studies Endowment LIBEREROCHA
Library Endowment Fund 0LIBRENDOFU
Library Technology Endowment Fund 0LIBTECHEND
Life and Love with HIV Fund LIFELOVE
Lillian Zimmerman Annual Graduate Scholarship in Gerontology ZIMMERMANGR
Linda Brideau Memorial Scholarship Endowment 0LINDBRIDME
Linda Marguerite Johnston Bursary Endowment in the Arts 0JOHNLINDEN
Lindsay Endowment 0LINDSAYEND
Lis Welch Graduate Endowment 0DISTTRAVSE
Lis Welch Marketing Scholarship Endowment Fund 0LISWELCEND
Lisa Pinto Memorial Achievement Award in the Beedie School of Business LSAPNTOAWRD
Living Lab Endowment Fund - Gerontology Research Centre 0LIVINGLABE
Living Personal Truths Award Endowment LPTENDOW
Liz Elliott Memorial Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund LIZELLIOTTME
LLL Leadership and Community Building Operating LEADCOMMOP
Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation Graduate Award in Indigenous Business and Leadership LLOYDCARFDN
Lohn Foundation Endowment 0LOHNFOUNEN
Lois M. Fisher Bursary Endowment Fund 0LOISFISHER
London Drugs 60th Anniversary Endowment LONDONDRUGS
Lorne Kendall Memorial Endowment 0LORNKENDME
Lorraine Wintrup Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0LORRWINTME
Louis Phillippe/L. Pierre Bonneau Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0LPIERBONN
Louise Berthe Samson Award in Gerontology Endowment LBSAMSONEND
Lydia McCombie Memorial Endowment 2LYDIMCCOME
Lynn and Florence Sully Women's Basketball Endowment 1LYNNFLORSU
M.D. Angus & Associates Ltd. Endowment 0MDANGUGRAD
Ma Ruren Scholarship Endowment MARUREN
MacDonald Heaslip Graduate Award in Education MHEASLIPGRA
Madame Justice Bertha Wilson Graduate Bursary Endowment 0MADAJUSTBE
Madeleine A Nelson Bursary Endowment Fund 0MADEMEGAEN
Madge Hogarth Bursary Endowment 0MADGHOGAEN
Madge Hogarth Scholarships in Education Endowment 0MADGHOGASC
Mahatma Gandhi Annual Student Award MAHGANDHI
Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Endowment Fund 0MGANDHIEF
Making Better Cities Graduate Award for Indigenous Students in Urban Studies GRADINDUREND
Mann Family Award in Health Sciences MANNFAMHS
Manuela Dias Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0MANDIASMEM
Manyee Lui Undergraduate Bursary in Science Endowment MYLUISCIEN
Maple Batalia Memorial Endowment MBATALIAMEM
Marcia Award in Electroacoustics Endowment Fund 0MARCSCHOEL
Margaret and Claude Mitchell Endowment MCMITCHELLGR
Margaret Anne Mitchell Endowment 0MARGMITCBU
Margaret Anne Paterson Bursary Endowment Fund 2MARGPATEEN
Margaret Lawson McTaggart - Cowan Alumni Bursary Endowment 2MARGLAWSMC
Margaret Lowe Benston Lectureship Endowment 0BENSENDOLE
Margaret Lowe Benston Memorial Endowment 0MARGLOWEBE
Margaret Ormsby History Prize Endowment 0MARGORMSPR
Marguerite, Denys & Joan Ford Endowment MDFORDEND
Maria Kuchar Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 2MARIKUCHME
Marianne Gibson Endowment supporting the Edward M.W. Gibson Fellowship and the Gibson Fellows Research Stipend in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences GIBSONFELL
Marilyn Bowman Scholarship Endowment Fund MBOWMANSCHO
Marissa and Tony Pena Endowment MTPENAENDO
Mark & Nancy Brooks Innovation Endowment 2MARKNANCBR
Mark and Nota Spencer PDP Bursary Endowment Fund SPENCEPDPEND
Mark Nussbaum Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund MARKNUSSBAU
Mary Batchelor Memorial Award Endowment in Psychology 0MARYBATCME
Mary Cavaness Miller Scholarship Endowment Fund 0MARYCAVAMI
Mary Filer Bursary Fund MARYFILER
Mary Steinhauser Memorial Bursary for Indigenous Students Endowment MARYSTEINEN
MASS Impact Cybathlon 2016 MASSIMCYBA
Master of Pest Management Graduate Entrance Scholarship Endowment 0PESTMANAEN
Master's in Public Policy Endowment MASTERPPBUR
Masters of Arts for Teachers of English (MATE) Scholarship Endowment Fund MASTERSENG
Math Catcher Outreach Program MATHCATCHER
Math Summer Workshop for Iranian Students 2023 MATHSMRWRK
Mathematics Graduate Scholarship Endowment MATHGRADEND
Matthew Edward Harris Bursary in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology Endowment MHARRISIAT
Matthew Leduc Memorial Endowment 0MATTLEDUC
Maud Mary Price Scholarship Endowment in Health Sciences MAUDMARY
Maureen and Milan Ilich/Merck Chair in Statistics for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases ARTHRITISCH
Maureen Maloney and Andrew Petter Endowment Fund PETTERPOLICY
Maureen McBeath Graduate Scholarship in Education MMCBEATHANN
Maureen Pollard Memorial Endowment 0MAURPOLLEN
Maurice S. Dodge Bursary Endowment 0MAURSDODGE
May Bennett Bursary Endowment Fund 0MAYBENBURS
May Florence Lunn Endowment 0MAYFLOLUNN
McCavour Family Bursary Endowment 2MCCAFAMIBU
McDonald's Restaurants Athletic Award Endowment 1MCDOREST
McLean Greaves Memorial Graduate Award in Digital Media MGREAVESAWD
McQuarrie LLP Graduate Student Scholarship in Chronic Pain Management MHUNTERGRAD
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Graduate Award MSEGRAD
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Undergraduate Bursary MSEUG
Meiyu Li Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Economics Endowment MEIYUMEMGRAD
Melanie O'Neill Memorial Chemistry Undergraduate Research Endowment Award MELANIEONEI
Merck Frosst BC Leadership Chair in Pharmaceutical Genomics and Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery Endowment PHARMCHAIR
Meredith Kimball Endowment 0MKIMBALLEN
Michael Fellman Endowment MFELLMANPRZ
Michael Geller Graduate Endowment GELLERGRAD
Michael McDonell Memorial Award in Social Justice Endowment MMCDONELL
Michael Parasiuk Memorial Endowment Fund MICHPMEM
Michael Stevenson Presidential Legacy Endowment MSTEVENSON
Michael Stevenson/Jan Whitford Endowment 0JMSTEVENSO
Mickey and Jack Miller Endowment MILLEREND
Microsoft Corporation Endowment supporting the Gerri Sinclair Award for Innovation in Digital Media GERISINCLAI
Mike and Jenifer Thewalt Graduate Award in Physics Endowment THEWALTAWD
Mike Jones Wrestling Endowment 1SFUWRESEND
Mike McIntosh Undergraduate Endowment Award LIBUNGRADAW
Ming & Stella Wong Endowment 0ASIAPACIST
Mitsubishi Canada Limited Student Exchange Award Endowment MITSUBISHI
Mohan Singh Bains Memorial Bursary Fund MOSIBMEMBU
Moira Colbourne Women's Field Hockey Award Endowment 1MOIRCOLBSC
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund MBBUGSCHOLA
Mona and Albert Curzon Bursary Endowment 0DIGMANBURS
Morris J. & Dena Wosk Bursary Endowment Fund 0CHANBURSWO
Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Capital Campaign Fund MJWCFDCCF
Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Fund MJWCFDFUND
Mr and Mrs B Wosks 40 Wed Ann Endowment Fund WOSKS40WEDANN
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Chu Bursary Endowment Fund 0LESLCHUEND
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Sommer Geography/Earth Sciences Endowment 0ERWISOMEGE
Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Rothstein Bursary Endowment 0NROTHSTEIN
Mr. M.M. Waterman Bursary Endowment Fund 0WATERMEMMR
Mrs. M. Waterman Bursary Endowment Fund 0WATERMEMR2
Mrs. M. Wirtanen Undergraduate Award Endowment 0MILDWIRTUN
MultiFaith Centre Programs MULFAITHCEN
Muriel Overgaard Bursary in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Endowment OVERFASS
Murray Farr Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0MURFARMEME
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of B.C. Graduate Scholarship in Biological Sciences Endowment Fund MUTUALENDOW
NAIOP Award for Commercial Real Estate NAOPARELET
Nancy E. Joyce Bursary in Criminology Endowment NCYBURSCRM
Nancy McKinstry Endowment 0NANMCKINST
Nancy Morrison & Fraser Green Special Abilities Award NMORRISONGR
National Bank Financial Endowment 0FIRSMARAIN
National Champions (1996 & 2000) Women's Soccer Award Endowment WOMENSOCCER
National Council of Jewish Women Endowment 0NATCOUNGRA
National Dialogue Project with RRU - SFU Public Square RRUPUBSQU
Neil Van Paridon Memorial Bursary for Women in Computing Science PARIDONBUR
Never Too Late Bursary for Single Parents NTLBURS
Nick & Voula Kravariotis Memorial Scholarship in Hellenic Studies Endowment 0NICKKRAVME
Nihal Singh Ras Bursary Endowment Fund NSRASENDOW
Nitikman/Chan Endowment 0NITIKCHAN
Noel Archambault Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0NOELARCHME
Non-Fiction Writer in Residence Fund NONFIC
Nora and Ted Sterling Endowment Fund 0NORATEDSTE
North Shore Rain Garden Project NSHORERAIN
NorthPac Forestry Group Ltd. Graduate Award in Indigenous Business and Leadership NORTHPACAWD
NTT DATA Bursary in Computing Science Endowment 0SIERSYSTEN
O.H. Sorila Memorial Endowment 0SORILA
Oakley Family Bursary Endowment Fund 0OAKLFAMIEN
Olga and Richard Murray Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0ESTOLGARIC
Omni Television Undergraduate Award in Communication CHANNELMEND
OUTtv Graduate Scholarship in Digital Media OUTTVSCHOL
Owen Hertzman Endowed Scholarship in Physical Geography OHERTZMAN
P. Dermot Murphy Undergraduate Award in Business Endowment PDERMOTMURP
P.F.L.D. Rugby Club Operational Endowment Fund RUGBYENDOW
Pacific Metals/Leon Lotzkar Memorial Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0PACIMETAGR
Pacific National Foundation Bursary Endowment Fund 0PACINATIFO
Pamela Yoon Award in Economics PAMELAYOON
Paranormal Investigation Research Fund PARANORMAL
Parminder and Kamaljit Parhar Endowment PKPRENAISS
Pat Blunden Bursary Endowment PATBLUNDEN
Pat Hibbitts Memorial Bursary Endowment PHIBBITTSMEM
Patricia Gallaugher Award in Coastal Science Management (Environment) GALLAUGHER
Patricia Lambert Undergraduate Bursary in Communication for Mature Students PLAMBERTBUR
Patrick D. Morawski Memorial Award for Ethical Engagement PMORAWSKI
Patrick McTaggart-Cowan Endowment 0PDMCTACOWA
Patsy Hui Endowment in Fine Arts PATSYHUI
Paul and Ethel Seifner Linguistics Bursary Endowment Fund 0PAULETHESE
Paul and Helen Trussell Scholarship in Science & Technology, held at Vancouver Foundation PHTRUSSELL
Paul Cote Scholarship in Engineering Endowment 0PAULCOTEEN
Paul Delany Endowment 0PAULDELANY
Paul E. Baldwin Book Endowment PAULBALDWIN
Paul Higgins Resource and Environmental Management Graduate Award Endowment PAULHIGGEND
Paul McFetridge Endowment PMCFETRIDGE
Paul Nemeth Wrestling Scholarship Endowment Fund 1PAULNEMEWR
Paul Tai Yip Ng Memorial Endowment 0PAULNGENDO
Paul Tang Scholarship Endowment Fund PAULTANGEND
Pay It Forward Bursary in Gerontology and Psychology PAYITFORWAR
Peng Tu Ge Undergraduate Scholarship for Women in Engineering Science or in Computing Science Endowment PENGTUSCHO
Peter and Elizabeth Belton Bursary Endowment Fund 0PETELIBELE
Peter Borwein Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics Endowment PETERBGRADS
Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Economics Endowment PKENNEDYUG
Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund PETERKENNED
Peter Legge Scholarship Endowment Fund PETERLEGGE
Peter R. B. Armstrong Award Endowment 0PETEARMSEN
Petro-Canada Graduate Scholarship Endowment in Science 0PETRCANAGR
Pfizer/Heart and Stroke Foundation BC & Yukon Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research at St. Paul's Hospital CARDIOVASCU
Philip and Marian McClelland Memorial Endowment Fund MCCLELLAND
Philip Hochstein Fellowship Endowment PHOCHSTEIN
Philippa Polson Memorial Endowment 0PHILPOLSME
Philosophy Graduate Research Scholarship Endowment Awards PHILOSOGRAD
Philosophy Undergraduate Endowment PHILOSOPHY
Phyllis Carter Burr Scholarship Endowment Fund 0BURRGRADEN
Physics Charter Faculty Scholarship Endowment Fund 0PHYCHARFAC
Physics Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund PHYSICSGRAD
Political Science Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0POLISCIEGR
Political Science Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0POLISCIEUN
Polly Evenden Endowment 0POLLEVEBUR
Premier Diversified Holdings Graduate Award Endowment PDHGRADAWA
President’s Priorities Fund (Area of Greatest Need) PRESFUND
President's Endowment Fund 0PRESFUNDEN
Print Culture Endowment Fund for Graduate Entrance Scholarship PRINTCULTUR
Professor André Gerolymatos Undergraduate Scholarship in Hellenic Studies ANDREGEROMEM
Professor Andy Hira's Clean Energy Research Fund HIRAENERGY
Prospera Credit Union Barry Butler Memorial Scholarship 0WESTSAVING
Psychology Alumni Scholarship Endowment 2PSYCALUMEN
Public Knowledge Project Support & Development Fund PUBLICKNOWL
Public Policy Program Development Fund PUBLICPOLDE
Pula Endowment PULAENDOW
Punjabi Language Course Support Fund PUNJABILANG
Punjabi Students Association Bursary Endowment 0PUNJSTUDAS
PwC Canada Endowment Fund 0PRICEWATER
Quadra Chemicals Ltd Scholarship Endowment 0MACKFEIMLI
Quirks and Quarks Graduate Endowment QUIRKSAWARD
R.J. McMaster Memorial Bursary 0RJMCMASTBU
R.R. Smith Bursary in Education Endowment RRSMITHBURS
Radio Station CHMB AM1320 Endowment Fund 0RADISTATCH
Radius Impact Fellowship Program RADIMPACT
Radius Program Beedie School of Business IMPACTVENT
Rafaela Wong Memorial Award WONGBUSI
Rajan Family Scholar in Computing Science Endowment RAJANPROF
Ralph Hancox Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Publishing Endowment HANCOXMEM
Ralph J. Stanton and Sabine F. Mabardi Rare Book Endowment Fund STANTONMAB
Ralph Kerr Memorial Bursary Endowment 0RALPKERRME
Ralph M. Howatt Family Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0RALPHOWAFA
Ran Bi Bursary in Economics RANBIBURSE
Randy Sitter Graduate Scholarship in Statistics & Actuarial Sciences Endowment RANDYSITTER
Raneeka Gill Memorial Endowment RANEEKAMEM
Ratana Stephens Bursary for Indigenous Students RTBURINS
Ratana Stephens Graduate Award in the School of Resource and Environmental Management RSGRADAW
Ray Kapahi and Denise L. Wesleder Scholarship in Physics Endowment RKAPAHIBUR
Raymond Galer Memorial Award Endowment RGALERENDOW
RBC Graduate Award in Indigenous Business and Leadership RBCBUSLEAD
RBC Professor in Technology and Innovation Endowment RBCSEGALPRO
Real Estate Foundation Endowment Fund For the City Program 0CITYPROGEN
Real Estate Foundation Fund for Housing and Community Environments for the Elderly 0REALESTAFO
Recreation & Athletics Development Fund RECATHDEV
RedFM 93.1 Annual Music Scholarship REDFMMUSIC
Refugee Undergraduate Fund for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences CMURRAYBURS
Research Centre for Scottish Studies Endowment 0CENTSCOTST
Research Collections Endowment LIBRARYRES
RGF Integrated Wealth Management - Clay Gillespie Endowment Fund CLAYGILEND
Richard & Grace Fraser Bursary Endowment Fund RGFRASEREND
Richard Morgan Memorial Endowment 0RICHMORGME
Richard You Library Endowment 0RICHYOUEND
Rob Scharff Memorial Bursary in Economics Endowment ROBSCHARFF
Robar Industries Limited Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ROBAINDUGR
Robert Brooke Library Endowment in support of the Botanical and Plant Science Collection RBROOKELIB
Robert C. Brown Endowment 0ROBECBROEN
Robert Davidson Creative Entrepreneurship Award Endowment RDAVIDSON
Robert F. Frindt Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics Endowment Fund RFFRINDTEND
Robert F. Harrison and Partners Endowment Scholarship 1RFHARRISON
Robert Foord Endowment supporting the Tom Foord Professor of Professional Practice in Entrepreneurship RFOORDEND
Robert G. Welty Endowment ROBWELTYSCH
Robert H. Lee Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ROBEHLEEEN
Robert Hancock Dunham Memorial Endowment 0ROBEHANCDU
Robert O. Sanderson Award in Business RSANDERSON
Robert Rogow Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund 0ROBROGBUSA
Robert Rogow Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ROBROGSCHA
Robert Russell Family Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund RDRUSSELL
Robin Blaser Endowment CONTEMPLITR
Robin Mercer Memorial Bursary Endowment Fund in Archaeology 2ROBIMERCME
Roderick (Erick) O’Reilly Memorial Graduate Endowment in the Humanities ERICKOREILLY
Roger G. Welch Scholarship Endowment Fund 2ROGEWELCEN
Roger Odlum Graduate Bursaries in Education & Public Policy, held at Vancouver Foundation ROGERODLUM
Roger Ward and Avora Hamilton Endowment 0ROGERWARDE
Rogers Communications Inc. Scholarship Endowment Fund 0ROGECOMMIN
Rogers Communications Inc. Undergraduate Endowment 0ROGERCOMMI
Rogers Sugar Ltd. Endowment 0BCSUGAREND
Roman Onufrijchuk Memorial Bursary in Communication ROMANOMEM
Ron MacLeod Environmental Science Scholarship Endowment Fund 0RONMACLENV
Ronald Cliff Bursary Endowment Fund RCLIFFENDOW
Ronale Sanjay Naidu Foundation Award in Men's Varsity Soccer Endowment RSNAIDUEND
Rosalie Segal Endowment for Students with Special Needs 0ROSASEGBUR
Rosemary Brown Award in Social Justice Endowment RBROWNEND
Rosemary Brown Memorial Event Fund ROSEMARYB
Ross Gordon Wilson Bursary Endowment Fund ROSSWILSON
Rosslyn & Mary Penney Community Service Endowment 2ROSSMARYPE
Rotary Club of Burnaby Scholarship Endowment 0ROTCLUBBUR
Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Entrance Bursary Endowment 0ROTACLUBSU
Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Entrance Scholarship Endowment 0ROTACLUBVA
Rowly Lorimer Graduate Award for Research Excellence Endowment RLORIMERAW
Roy L. Carlson Graduate Endowment ROYCARLSON
Roy Miki Endowment in Creative Writing ROYMIKIEND
Royal City Travel Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund 1ROYACITYTR
Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation Award in Health Sciences RCHFOUND
Rudi Haering Endowment Award in Physics 0RUDIHAERAW
Russell Harry Palmer Permanent Bursary Endowment 0RAPALMER
Ruth Wynn Woodward Chair in Women's Studies Endowment 0RWOODWOMST
Ryan Barrington-Foote Bursary in Business Administration Endowment BFBUSADMEND
Ryan Wilks MasterCard Memorial Award in Computing Science RYANWILKSMC
Salvation Army Development Fund #1 0SALVARMYDE
Sameh Magid Memorial Scholarship for Burnaby Secondary School Graduates SAMEHMAGMEM
Samuel and Leatrice Cohen Scholarship Endowment Fund 0SAMULEATCO
Sask Expo Bursary Endowment 0SASKEXPOBU
Saul N. and Deanna Silverman Memorial Endowment SILVERMAN
SCA Annual Undergraduate Locker Bursary SCALOCKER
Sceptre Investment Counsel Administrative/Union Pension Plan Endowment 0SCEPTINVEC
Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Endowment Fund 0SCEPINVECO
Schmidt Family Women’s Volleyball Award Endowment SCHMIDTVOL
Scholarship Foundation of the Pacific Endowment KANEFERNAND
School for the Contemporary Arts Alumni Scholarship Endowment 2CONTEMPART
School of Communication 50th Anniversary Graduate Award CMNS50FUND
School of Computing Science Annual Undergraduate Scholarship COMPSCIUG
School of Criminology Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund 2CRIMALUMEN
Schulich Leader Annual Scholarships SCHULICHLEA
Science Alive! 0SCIENCALIV
Science Outreach Programs SCIENCEOUT
Scotiabank Award in Social Innovation Endowment SCOTIASTUDE
Scotiabank Endowment for Women Entrepreneurs 0SCOTRESOWO
Scotiabank Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarship Endowment 0SCOTIAAPPS
Scotiabank Faculty of Arts Scholarship Endowment 0SCOTIAARTS
Scotiabank Faculty of Business Administration Scholarship Endowment 0SCOTIABUSI
Scotiabank Faculty of Education Scholarship Endowment 0SCOTIAEDUC
Scotiabank Faculty of Science Scholarship Endowment 0SCOTIASCIE
Scotiabank Graduate Award in Business Endowment SCOTIAGAWME
Scotiabank Social Innovation Student Programming Endowment Fund SCOTIASSIEN
Scotiabank Social Innovation Student Programming Operating Fund SCOTIAPROG
Scott Bianco and Caroline Gagnon Wrestling Endowment SCOTTBIANCO
Scott Wilson Memorial Endowment Fund SCOTTWILSON
Seniors Program Director's Endowment Fund SENIORDIREN
Seniors Program Endowment 0SENIORSPRO
Serein Properties Award in Visual Arts SEREINPROP
SFU 10th Anniversary Endowment Bursaries 0SFUANNIVFU
SFU Annual Bursary Fund SFUBURFUND
SFU Athletic Award Endowment Fund 1SFUATHLAWA
SFU Athletics - Field Hockey Fund 1CLANCLUBFH
SFU Athletics - General Fund 1CLANCLUB
SFU Athletics - Lacrosse Operational Fund 1CLANCLUBLA
SFU Athletics - Men's Ice Hockey Operational Fund CLANCLUBHOC
SFU Athletics - Rowing Fund 1CLANROWING
SFU Athletics - Rugby Operational Fund 1SFURUGBYCL
SFU Athletics - Tennis Operational Fund CLANTENNIS
SFU Beedie Professorship in Business Endowment 0COUNNORTAM
SFU Bursary Endowment Fund 0SFUBURSEND
SFU Business Dean's Strategic Priorities Fund BUSDEANPRI
SFU Campus Accessibility Endowment Fund CAMPUSACCES
SFU Centre for Dialogue - Clean Energy Canada CLEANENERGY
SFU Centre for Dialogue Endowment 0CENTFORDIA
SFU Cheerleading Club CHEERLEADERS
SFU Community Trust Endowment Fund COMMTRUST
SFU Field Hockey Endowment 1SFUFIELHOC
SFU First Peoples' Gathering Place FIRSTPPGP
SFU Food Security Program Fund SFUFOODPRG
SFU Galleries Curator Indigenous Projects Endowment LTUEFSWOGP
SFU General Athletic Endowment Fund (Operating) 1SFUGENATHL
SFU Gerontology Alumni Endowment 2SFUGERONAL
SFU Healing Maryam Dengelat Fund ARCHEALANU
SFU Hockey Program Advancement Fund SFUHOCKPAF
SFU Indigenous Student Bursary Endowment 0SFUCOMMAWA
SFU Lacrosse Scholarship Endowment Fund LACROSSEEND
SFU Men's  Hockey Fund MENSHOCKEY
SFU Men's & Women's Golf Fund 1SFUGOLFFUN
SFU Men's & Women's Wrestling Fund 1INTERATHWR
SFU Men's Basketball Alumni Award Endowment MENBASKETBAL
SFU Men's Basketball Endowment 1SFUMENSBAS
SFU Men's Basketball Fund 1INTERATHLB
SFU Men's Soccer Endowment 1SFUSOCCEND
SFU Men's Soccer Fund 1SFUSOCCFUN
SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Staff Award for Promising Future Dialogue Practitioners MWDIALOGUE
SFU Pipe Band Development Fund 0SFUPIPEBAN
SFU Pipe Band Operations Endowment PIPEBANDEND
SFU Quidditch Club QUIDDITCH
SFU Residence Life Service Learning Fund RESIDENCELIFE
SFU Retiree's Association 50th Anniversary Endowment RETIREEFND
SFU Science & Environment Co-Operative Education Scholarship Endowment Fund WESSYDOR
SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners Society Endowment Fund 0OPSICLUBBU
SFU Softball - Jersey Sales 2020 SOFTBALL20
SFU Softball - Trivia Night 2021 TRIVIA21
SFU Softball Alumni Bursary Endowment in Memory of Edgar A McDougall 1EDGAARNOME
SFU Softball HR Derby - Team 1 SOFTBALL1
SFU Softball HR Derby - Team 2 SOFTBALL2
SFU Softball HR Derby - Team 3 SOFTBALL3
SFU Softball HR Derby - Team 4 SOFTBALL4
SFU Stadium Project SFUSTADIUM
SFU Surrey Fraser Library Endowment Fund LIBRARYSURR
SFU Surrey Moving Forward Family Services Program. FAMILYPRO
SFU Surrey World War I Event SURREYWW1
SFU Swimming & Diving Equipment Fund 1SFUSWDEQU
SFU Swimming & Diving Fund 1SFUSWIMFUN
SFU Swimming Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund 2SFUSWIMALU
SFU Swimming Endowment (Operating) 1SFUSWIMEND
SFU Track & Field Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund 2SFUTRACFIE
SFU Track & Field and Cross Country Fund 1INTERATHTR
SFU Track and Field Endowment (Operating) 1TRACKFIELD
SFU Volleyball Fund 1WOMEVOLLBA
SFU Water Polo Scholarship Endowment Fund 1WATEPOLOEN
SFU Women's Basketball Endowment (Operating) 1SFUWOMEBAS
SFU Women's Basketball Fund 1INTERATHWO
SFU Women's Soccer Alumni Endowment Fund 2SOCCALUMEN
SFU Women's Soccer Endowment Fund (Operating) 1SFUWOMESOC
SFU Women's Soccer Fund 1CLANCLUBWO
SFU Women's Soccer Scholarship Endowment Fund 1SFUWOMSOC
SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs SFUWOODPRO
SFU-Douglas College Endowment SFUDOUGLAS
SFU-India Annual Student Mobility Awards SFUINDIASCH
Sharon Clements Biological Sciences Endowment CLEMENTSBIO
Shaughn and Sharon Clements Biological Sciences Field Trip Endowment FIELDTRIP
Shaughn and Sharon Clements Biological Sciences Independent Study Award Endowment CLEMENTSIND
Shaughn and Sharon Clements Earth Sciences Field Trip Endowment CLEMENTSEARTH
Shaughn Clements Biological Sciences Graduate Award Endowment SHAUGHNCLEM
Shaun Kenneth Gauthier Memorial Award in the School of Communication SHAUNGAUTH
Sheila Delany Essay Award in Early Literature SDELANYESSA
Sheila Elworthy Award in Accounting SELWORTHY
Shein and Amynmohamed Rajan Endowment ARAJANENDOW
Shell Canada Limited Scholarship Endowment Fund 0SHELCANALI
Shenul Dhalla Undergraduate Award in English Endowment SDHALLAEND
Shiraz Rajan Family Endowment 0SHIRAZFAMI
Shiva and Elizabeth Nanda Endowment NANDAENDSCHO
Sidney Hogg Memorial Graduate Scholarship Endowment 0SYDHOGGMEM
Sierra Wireless Professorship in Mobile Communications Endowment Fund SIERRAENDOW
Silverman and Knight Family Back on Track Award SLVERKNGHT
Simon Fraser Graduate Entrance Scholarship Endowment Fund 0SIMOFRASGR
Simon Fraser Student Society Annual Undergraduate Award SFSSANNUNDE
Simon Fraser Student Society Undergraduate Award for Black Students SFSSUAFBS
Simon Fraser Student Society Undergraduate Award for Indigenous Students SFSSUAINDS
Simon Fraser Student Society Undergraduate Award for International Students SFSSUAFINT
Simon Fraser Student Society x WUSC Undergraduate Award for Refugee Students SFSSWUSC
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Memorial Endowment 0SIMOFRASUN
Simons Foundation Canada Graduate Fellowships and Postdoctoral Fellowships in International Studies Endowment SIMONSDIST
Simons Foundation Canada International Travel Award Endowment SIMFOUNEND
Simons Foundation Chair in International Law and Human Security Endowment SIMONSFOINT
Simons Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Endowment 0SIMOFOUNEN
Simons Foundation Graduate Awards in the Faculty of Environment Endowment 0COMMECONCE
Simons Foundation Humanities Institute Fund 0SIMOFOUNHU
Skoden Indigenous Film Festival SKODENFILM
Small Business Endowment Fund 0SMALBUSIEN
Society of Notaries Public of BC Chair in Applied Legal Studies LEGALCHAIR
Softball Associations Presidents' Endowment 1SOFTASSOFU
Sonia Mastroianni Award in Business Endowment SONMASABEN
Southam Inc. Graduate Entrance Scholarship Endowment 0SOUTINCGRA
Special Collections Endowment LIBRSPECIAL